Parkdale Recreation Center Empowerment Art

Parkdale Recreation Center Empowerment Art


Parkdale Recreation Center and Clark County Public Art presents Empowerment Art!

Empowerment Art is a public art project for the Clark County community outreach program. Artist Shan Michael Evans was selected to lead workshops with the Parkdale community youth. These workshops inspired Shan to create whimsical designs with positive messages. The designs were hand painted as murals and printed in vinyl to install in the bathrooms specifically for the Parkdale Recreation Center.



Empowerment Art was created to encourage and inspire viewers to “Be Kind, Be Brave, Be Great” while enjoying Shan Michael Evan’s signature style of fun colors and characters.



An established Las Vegas artist since the late 1990s, Shan Michael Evans has constantly revitalized his unique approach to illustrations shown throughout the Valley over the decades. A purveyor of public art in the city through local projects including ZAP, AMP, Windows on First, and the Arial Gallery, his work has been seen on numerous Las Vegas streets. Within a print catalog consisting of 1000's of images; minimal characteristics, critical design development, a strong sense of self-taught pride, and over all quirky cheerfulness have been recurring themes in his work. Participating in the many public projects provided by this community is his abiding inspiration and motivation.

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