Hollywood Recreation Center Empowerment Art

Hollywood Recreation Center Empowerment Art

Hollywood Recreation Center and Clark County Public Art present the 2nd Empowerment Art!

The Empowerment Art project’s goal is to inspire the community by spreading empowering messages through art. The project consists of an artist or art team to host workshops at the recreation center with the kids from that community. During the workshops, the artist or art team will talk to the kids about self-empowerment and help raise each other up through art. The artist or art team then takes inspiration from the workshops to create designs that will be installed in the bathroom facilities as vinyl wraps.

Photo: Nicole Espinosa, Gina Parham, Jean Munson

The art team chosen for the Hollywood Recreation Center is CoZiLV. The team consists of Gina Parham, Nicole Espinosa, and Jean Munson. They “strive to cultivate accessible safe spaces for marginalized communities and encourage the creation and consumption of self-published content through meet-ups, workshops, and the festival itself.”

In their workshops, the kids were invited to learn how to create their own mini ‘zines, mood board collages, and self-portraits, all while focusing on messages that uplift others and themselves.

Photo: First workshop with Hollywood Recreation Center Kids

After the workshops, CoZiLV compiled the kids’ artwork and made ‘zines for the kids to share with their family and friends. With inspiration from the kids, CoZiLV designed empowering art to print as vinyl wraps.


In August of 2022, the final designs were installed in the main bathrooms of the Hollywood Recreation Center. The artwork is currently available for viewing.

empowerment-art2-pic4Photo: Boys Bathroom

empowerment-art2-pic5Photo: Girls Bathroom

In August of 2022, the final designs were installed in the main bathrooms of the Hollywood Recreation Center. The artwork is currently available for viewing.

empowerment-art2-pic6Photo: Gina Parham in Girls Bathroom

empowerment-art2-pic7Photo: Gina Parham and Nicole Espinosa in Boys Bathroom

empowerment-art2-pic8Photo: CoZiLV – Gina Parham, Nicole Espinosa, Jean Munson (not pictured)


On Monday, October 17th, Clark County Public Art and Hollywood Recreation Center held a dedication event to introduce the Empowerment Art! Project.

Art team, CoZiLV, was presented with certifications for their amazing work with the youth and the empowering art they designed for Hollywood Recreation Center.

empowerment-art2-pic9 empowerment-art2-pic10 empowerment-art2-pic11

Empowerment Art! Plaque with ‘zines made by the children during the workshops.

Clark County Public Art Supervisor, Mickey Sprott, Hollywood Recreation Center Supervisor, Michelle Chamberlain, CoZiLV team: Nicole Espinosa, Jean Munson, and Gina Parham

empowerment-art2-pic12 empowerment-art2-pic13 empowerment-art2-pic14

CoZiLV with three of the workshop participants.

CoZiLV inside the bathroom with their art.


For more information about the art team, CoZiLV, please visit their website: or social media accounts: @cozilv

For more information about the Hollywood Recreation Center, please follow the link below:

To check out the 1st Empowerment Art project, please visit:

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