Wendy Chambers: Exploratory Surgery

Wendy Chambers: Exploratory Surgery

exhibit-chambers-exploratorysurgery-6-2017Wendy Chambers: Exploratory Surgery
Winchester Cultural Center Gallery, 3130 McLeod Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89121
April 25 - June 1, 2017

Reception Date: Friday, April 28 from 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Exploratory Surgery is an exhibition by Wendy Chambers that investigates the material connection between painting and the human body. The exhibition is comprised of paintings, each of which emphasizes the qualities of both paint and flesh - their color, viscosity, and texture. In this exhibition painting becomes a platform for engaging the reality that being human means having a finite body. Chambers seeks to translate her research of both living and post-mortem bodies into paintings which offer access to an often uncomfortable subject for observation and consideration.

Wendy Chambers is an artist living and working in Las Vegas, NV. Originally from Oklahoma, Chambers attended the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma for her undergraduate education. She received her BFA in 2012 while graduating cum laude. Chambers moved to Las Vegas after she was accepted into the Master of Fine Arts program at UNLV and received her MFA degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in Painting & Drawing in 2016. Currently she is employed full time as a studio artist at the wax figure attraction Madame Tussauds located on the Strip. Her role as studio artist involves maintaining the location's figures where she utilizes her painting and sculpting knowledge. Her work has been exhibited in Oklahoma, Nevada, California, and Illinois.  

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