To the Neon Gods They Made

To the Neon Gods They Made

Michael Monson and Tony Flanagan "To the Neon Gods They Made"
Winchester Cultural Center - 3130 McLeod Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89121 - Map
November 29 – January 20, 2012
Artist Reception: Wednesday, December 7 5:30- 7:30 PM

Artists Michael Monson and Tony Flanagan present photographs of stalled or abandoned construction projects in Las Vegas, from the Strip to the suburbs. "Buildings in various stages of construction are a common sight in Las Vegas. They have always represented the promise that soon there will be a new glittering peak on its ever-sprawling skyline. However, for many of the construction projects currently underway in Las Vegas, there are no grand openings planned in the foreseeable future, because their debuts were all scheduled to take place in the past," Monson observed, the artists documenting several structures in 2010.
Sites ranging from Echelon to the Vantage Lofts were photographed in the evening, when the lights from the Strip cast an ambient glow across the valley. Using this unnatural light source and high-dynamic (or HDR) imaging, the artists attempt to breathe life back into these promises of progress, at the same time illuminating the tragic realities of these fallen "saviors". The exhibit will feature large format digital c-prints and an accompanying book.

To "The Neon Gods They Made" is the first collaboration between Las Vegas artists Michael Monson and Tony Flanagan. Born in Elko, Michael Monson is a lifelong resident of Nevada, and a graduate of UNLV. He currently teaches English and Creative Writing at Spring Valley High School. Tony Flanagan relocated from Wisconsin to Las Vegas in August of 2008 to teach Photography at Del Sol High School. He is currently teaching Photography at Coronado High School in Henderson while earning his MFA in photography at Parsons. Tony Flanagan recently opened Counterspace gallery in Emergency Arts; his contribution to the downtown arts district will feature photo-based works of emerging artists.

Click here to watch YouTube video - Exhibit of Abandoned Vegas Construction Projects Appears Through Jan. 20

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