How To s

How To s

exhibit-vitug-howtos-lrgJevijoe Vitug : “How To's"
November 13 through January 4
Winchester Cultural Center Gallery, 3130 McLeod Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89121

Artist reception, Friday, November 16, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Jevijoe Vitug’s new series of paintings, “How To’s,” provides a tongue-in-cheek survival guide to the struggles many immigrants now, or could soon, face in Las Vegas. The artist, originally of the Philippines, moved to the valley in 2007 at the beginning of the financial crisis. He soon realized that the immigrant experience here had changed from working hard for the American dream towards struggling to simply survive.  

The paintings reference Vitug’s own journey, combining the styles of Early Asian art with the modern-day, Western how-to handbook and images of Las Vegas landmarks. Floral motifs adorn apocalyptic scenarios and current dilemmas, while floating directional arrows offer simplistic advice. Parts reality, phobia, and surprising optimism, Vitug depicts a newcomer’s view of a strange new land in dire straits.   

Jevijoe Vitug is a Filipino-born Las Vegas artist whose paintings, performances, and community-based projects often deal with survival and the effects of globalization on the environment and economy. He studied New Genres at the San Francisco Art Institute, CA. His most recent solo exhibitions include Nuclear Weapons Testing Legacy: A Tale of Two Cultures, at 5th Wall Gallery (2012), and The Truns at Manila Contemporary, Philippines (2011). He has organized and participated in various group shows such as Rainbow 7: London Biennale Satellite at PUAH Gallery, Henderson, NV and The Contemporary Arts Center, Las Vegas, NV (2012), Salon Show at PUAH Gallery, Henderson, NV (2012), Yet Another Tea Party at Neant Bleu, Berlin, Germany (2011), and Overflow with David Medalla and Adam Nankervis at Space Gallery, Las Vegas (2011). Vitug has also performed extensively in the United States, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Australia and Argentina. Last year, Vitug was part of the Zap! 4 public art project organized by Metro Arts Council of Southern Nevada, and the Art in the Parking Space project in association with LAXART, Los Angeles.

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