Eri King : Buy Kingdom

Eri King : Buy Kingdom

buykingdom-eriking-3-8-13Eri King : Buy Kingdom
January 15 through March 8, 2013
Winchester Cultural Center, 3130 McLeod Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89121

Artist reception, Friday, January 18, 6 – 9 PM

Following a season marked by excessive shopping and consuming, Eri King showcases an exhibit created from an abundance of consumer refuse. Her newest installation, Buy Kingdom, transforms the Winchester Gallery into a space inspired by European palaces and cathedrals. Similar to panes of stained-glass, a multicolored, expansive quilt constructed of donated cloth remnants covers the gallery’s main wall. Braids composed of women’s used clothing restrict viewers’ paths past towers of technological relics, and lead to a throne constructed of outdated, damaged electronics. King has labored over what others throw out, and reconfigured the mass of discarded material into an environment where onlookers can reflect on the current cycle of production, consumption, and waste.  
The opening reception for the artist will feature a “Saver’s Prom” with live music. Attendees are encouraged to wear prom costumes, bring unwanted materials for donation, dance, and relive the proms of teen cinema.  

Eri King is an interdisciplinary artist and recent graduate of UNLV. She is co-owner and curator of 5th Wall Gallery. She has exhibited extensively in the Las Vegas area, and her most recent exhibits include Rainbow 7: London Biennale Satellite at PUAH Gallery and The Contemporary Arts Center (2012), No Question at Beauty Bar (2011), Freedom>Force at Alios Gallery (2011), and Found at MCQ Fine Art Gallery (2011).

For information contact (702) 455-7340

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