Brent Holmes: Ignominious Refuse

Brent Holmes: Ignominious Refuse

exhibit-b-holmes-ignominious-refuse1-2016Brent Holmes: "Ignominious Refuse"
Tuesday, January 19, - Friday, March 11, 2016
Winchester Cultural Center, 3130 McLeod Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89121
Artist reception on Friday, January 22 from 5:30-7:30pm

"Ignominious Refuse", Brent Holmes series of polaroid and digital imagery coupled with an installation composed of Doric columns positioned both on the ceiling and floor of the gallery, will be on display from Tuesday, January 19th through Friday, March 11th, 2016 at Winchester Cultural Center Gallery, 3130 S. McLeod Drive. An artist reception will be held from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Friday, January 22.

The effects of the Latin world on ours are so intensely felt over 2000 years later, this exhibit posits "the ideal that still all roads lead to Rome but frequently they do so through Las Vegas."

"Ignominious Refuse", is an exhibition focused on the Latin ideologies of epicurean ideals through the philosophical views of Lucretius.

The artist states, "This series embarks upon a focus around Latin and Hellenic ideals and aesthetics while maintaining a contemporary eye.  Holmes explores many of Lucretius's themes through the "ancient" art of polaroid pack film, capturing random structures and objects to surmise the nature of things currently.
Brent Holmes has exhibited in numerous Las Vegas solo and group shows, including, most recently, "Crass Doesn't Sell" 303 North Studios, "African American Showcase" Tasty Space Gallery, and "London Biennale, Group Show" Vast Spaces. As well as, nationally, "Mass Attack, Group Show" Torrance Art Museum in Torrance, Ca. and internationally "Anti War = Anti Orgasm" Light and Space Contemporary in Manila, Philippines.

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