Desert Breeze Empowerment Art!

Desert Breeze Empowerment Art!


The Empowerment Art project’s goal is to inspire the community by spreading empowering messages through art. The project consists of an artist or art team to host workshops at the recreation center with the kids from that community. During the workshops, the artist or art team will talk to the kids about self-empowerment and help raise each other up through art. The artist or art team then takes inspiration from the workshops to create designs that will be installed in the bathroom facilities as vinyl wraps.

Now on its 3rd project, Empowerment Art was hosted at the Desert Breeze Community Center during the month of March 2023.

Workshop 1

Artist Vanessa Maciel led 8 workshops with the youth of Desert Breeze Community Center during their Spring Break Program. In Vanessa’s workshop, the kids are shown an empowering video to open a discussion about the theme of the workshop. Split into two age groups, the kids were then taught how to create vision boards. Vanessa supplied the kids with foam boards, scissors, glue, markers, and a lot of magazines. During the four days that Vanessa was at Desert Breeze, she helped the kids create empowering messages on boards. 

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

empowerment-art-desertbreeze-4  empowerment-art-desertbreeze-5
Workshop 6 & Workshop 7

Workshop 8

On the last day of workshops, Vanessa asked the kids to create butterflies with the rest of the materials they had left. These butterflies were then mounted on letters spelling out “U ARE ART”. This, along with all the boards the kids made, were then installed on the walls surrounding the bathroom facilities.


Currently, we are waiting for Vanessa’s final design to be approved. Once approved, the design will be printed as vinyl and installed inside the bathroom facilities at the Desert Breeze Community Center.

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