Trails Information

Trails Information

Our trails program is an extensive system of routes that provide outdoor enjoyment and accessibility to County residents and visitors to Southern Nevada. The County's commitment is to build safe, easily accessible, and aesthetically pleasing off-street trails to improve the general quality of life throughout Clark County. These trails offer needed open space and recreation areas to hundreds of people. A primary trail system was cooperatively developed through the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition and Clark County. Additionally, the cities of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson are planning and building an extensive network of urban trails in the Las Vegas Valley. This system will create a regional trails network and provide interconnectivity with local neighborhood trails. The County has completed about 50 miles of multi-use and 8 miles of equestrian trails in the Las Vegas Valley with 23 miles under development County wide that can be viewed on the Clark County Trails Map.

neon-to-nature-app-iconRegional Trails and Open Spaces
Through the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalition, Clark County works with a variety of agencies to coordinate the planning and building of an extensive network of trails in and around the Las Vegas Valley. The Neon to Nature system is aimed at increasing people’s access to the regional trail system taking shape around them. It will ultimately consist of hundreds of miles of trails throughout the Las Vegas Valley with connections to the surrounding Federal lands. The Southern Nevada Health District hosts a trail finder tool under the Neon to Nature banner. Neon to Nature website: /neon2nature/index.php: interactive map to locate trails and access trail information including length, location, maps, amenities and levels of difficulty.

Local trails not managed by Clark County:

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