Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

park-rulesGeneral Rules:

  • The majority of Clark County Parks are open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. and all persons shall leave the park facility no later than 11 p.m., except with the approval of the Director of Parks & Recreation or designee. Please Note: Lone Mountain Park is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. (The lights in the equestrian parking lot will remain on until 10:30 p.m. to facilitate horse trailer loading).
  • Dogs and cats under the control of a handler and on a leash no longer than six (6) feet are allowed in County parks. All other animals are prohibited without permission from the Director of Parks & Recreation or designee. No animals (except trained service animals) are allowed in buildings. Any individual(s) engaged in conducting animal shows, events, or obedience schools require permission from the Director of Parks & Recreation or his/her designee to schedule such events at any Clark County facility.
  • No motor vehicles are allowed or permitted off roadways or parking lots in the parks without permission from the Director of Parks & Recreation or designee. Bicycle and moped operators will adhere to all regulations governing motor vehicles
  • Parking is permitted only in designated areas. Any vehicle left overnight in any County park is subject to citation and towing.
  • All groups will confine themselves to their reserved area. Absolutely no County equipment, picnic tables, trash cans, etc. may be moved from or into an area without permission from the Director of Parks & Recreation or designee
  • Special facilities; i.e., archery range, model boats, model carts, etc., have rules designed and posted for those particular areas. Please refer to and adhere to posted rules.
  • In addition to possible misdemeanor penalties under Clark County Code, Section 19.04.080, any violation of a facility rule may result in the cancellation of permits and forfeiture of all service charges and deposits.


  • Excessively loud music from external or internal vehicle speakers or portable radios.  Excessively loud music is defined as music at a level that annoys other park users or park neighbors. 
  • Discharging of any firearms, or carrying, possessing, or discharging any firecrackers, rockets, torpedoes, or other fireworks, slingshots, boomerangs within any County facility or park without written approval from the Director of Parks & Recreation or designee.
  • Fires, other than those in picnic stoves, grilles, braziers, or fire pits provided for that purpose or as approved by the Director of Parks & Recreation or designee.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages except in designated areas. It is prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages on roadways, parking lots, playgrounds, swimming pools, athletic fields, tennis courts, community centers, and at youth events without prior approval of the Director of Parks & Recreation or designee.
  • Sale or bartering of goods/services, food, and/or beverages, without prior approval of the Director of Parks & Recreation or designee.
  • Glass containers 
  • Field staking is not permitted, YOU MAY USE SAND/WATER BAGS
    *THERE IS NO DRIVING ON THE PARK GROUNDS/GRASS/CEMENTED AREAS, with the exception of parking lot area


  • Slacklining has been deemed an appropriate activity in Clark County parks provided that participants adhere to the following guidelines:
    • All lines must be removed when not in use.
    • Lines must not be attached to man-made structures such as playground equipment and fitness trail elements.
    •  Lines must not be attached to trees less than 8" in diameter.
    • All lines must be constructed so as to protect trees from any damage by using appropriate padding (i.e. carpet, sleeping pads,).  Participants should check periodically to be sure that tree protection is working.
  • PUBLIC UAV OPERATION Unmanned aircraft or UAV's(commonly referred to as Drones or remote control aircraft) may be operated in designated parks during normal hours of operation and in accordance with all State, County, City, and federal laws and regulations. Individuals may operate unmanned aircraft only at Desert Breeze Park, Mountain's Edge Regional Park, Lone Mountain Park, Bennett Airfield, Silver bowl Park, Horseman's Park, and James Regional Park. Smaller drones designed for racing and/or maneuvers will require a special use permit available through the Parks and Recreation Department.

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