Winchester Dondero Cultural Center Meeting Rooms

Winchester Dondero Cultural Center Meeting Rooms

Winchester Dondero Cultural Center Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms 
Dance Room 1 
meetingroom-3-lrg Dance Room 2
Winchester Dondero Cultural Center contains two classrooms and one dance room that may be rented by the general public when they are not being used for County-sponsored activities and events. The classrooms convert into a larger single room.

Rentals may only be arranged during regular business hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am-8:00pm. Because class enrollments regularly affect the availability of rooms, no room rentals may be made more than one month in advance of the requested date.

Community: $30 per hour, minimum two hours, $20 for each additional hour.
Commercial: $60 per hour, minimum two hours, $40 for each additional hour. 

No room is reserved until it is paid for.

Hours of Operation
Tuesday-Saturday 9:00 am - 8:00 pm (Rentals must begin cleanup by 7:30 p.m.)
Closed Saturdays and Sundays
(Saturdays are available for rental)

Maximum occupancy is 35 persons per room or 70 for the double room, due to Fire Department regulations.

Tables and chairs will be provided at user’s request. A big-screen TV and either VCR or DVD player may be rented for $15 or more per day for use of the premises, depending on availability.

No Commercial Usage
The sale of goods, merchandise or services is not permitted on the premises.

Food & Beverage
Food and beverages are permitted. Refrigerator and microwave are NOT for public use.

Excessive Noise Levels
The playing of loud music or the creation of any other disturbing noises will not be permitted, as this would interfere with the activities of other renters or class attendees.

No Smoking or Alcoholic Beverages
Smoking and the consumption of alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere within Winchester Cultural Center.

Setup and Cleanup
Setup and cleanup are the responsibility of the renter and should be conducted during the reservation times the renter requests. Additional fees will be assessed if rooms are not cleaned, organized, and returned to their proper order.

Cleaning Deposit
A cleaning deposit of $100 will be required for all rentals. This amount will be refunded if the premises are left clean and undamaged and the event concluded on time. Clark County reserves the right to bill for any damages or excess cleaning required due to renter use.

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