Searchlight Museum

Searchlight Museum

Searchlight Museum
200 Michael Wendell Way, Searchlight, NV 89046 - MAP
(702) 297-1682 -

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday: 8:30 am-2:00 pm
Saturdays by appointment with the Searchlight Museum Guild by calling (661) 305-8474.  

Admission is free.

The Clark County Museum and Searchlight Museum guild have created and installed the Searchlight Community Museum.  Located in the Searchlight Community Center, the museum focuses on the fascinating history of this 100+ year old community.  Founded in 1898, Searchlight takes its name from the Searchlight Mine.  Mining history is a prominent part of the museums' offerings, in addition to the many interesting residents of the community.  Such people as Edith Head, who won numerous Academy Awards for her movie costume designs, John Macready, one of the two pilots on the first non-stop cross country flight over the United States, as well as the only three-time winner of the Mackay Trophy for the most important flight in a year, Senator Harry Reid, U.S. Senator from Nevada, and Scott Joplin, whose song, the Searchlight Rag, is named for the community, and many others have created a rich history which can be viewed in the exhibits.  Covering the entire history of the community, the museum is a great way to learn about the people, businesses, and events which have made the desert community what it is today.

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