Committee Message & Meet Our Design Teams

Committee Message & Meet Our Design Teams

1-Oct-website_amedssagefromWe are grateful to everyone who has participated in our effort to create a lasting memorial to remember the events of the tragedy that occurred at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on Oct. 1, 2017. Five design teams created amazing concepts for a memorial that were informed by the extensive community input we received since we began our work in Oct. 2020. Through our public meetings, surveys and focus groups, we worked diligently to gather insight from families of victims, survivors, emergency responders and all those impacted about what they would like to see in a permanent memorial. At our meeting in July, we voted to select the concept that ranked first in the scoring from our evaluation process. Our recommended concept was created by JCJ Architecture. The project that ranked second in our evaluation process was selected as the alternate project. That concept was created by OLIN + Andy Scott. We have deep appreciation for all those involved in expressing their thoughts and ideas for a memorial and to each professional team that honored our community through the outstanding displays of creativity that were presented to us. You can see all the design concepts on display in the Clark County Government Center Rotunda Gallery through Sept. 7. Our recommendation is scheduled to be presented to the County Commission at its 9 a.m. meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 5. Thank you for your support in this incredible journey to create a “Memorial to Remember.”


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