Office of Diversity Objectives

Office of Diversity Objectives

Promoting the value found in a diverse workforce:

  • Continuing our proactive steps in recruiting, hiring, training, and promoting a diverse group of individuals who are representative of the Clark County community, to provide quality services to the citizens of the community;
  • Sponsoring, promoting, coordinating and/or facilitating diversity and EEO compliance training for managers and staff to ensure an inclusive workforce with equal opportunity and respect for all;
  • Reinforcing the County's policies of zero tolerance of discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability status or sexual orientation and zero tolerance of sexual harassment;
  • Working closely with the various County Departments to enhance or develop and implement departmental diversity action plans; 
  • Developing and implementing an alternative dispute resolution process (non-adversarial) for resolving discrimination complaints;
  • Forming partnerships with community leaders to engage a process for participation in the County's open government practices; and,
  • Facilitating a Children of Clark County Program that fosters their interest in community and public service work (e.g., internships; mentoring programs; Children of Clark County talent and academic competitions). Clark County and its diverse work teams can serve as a model for successful workplace diversity. Our progressive journeys will be increasingly successful because of each of you. 

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