Other Services

Other Services

Other Services


Photocopiers are available for use in the library.  They are located in the Copy Room located directly behind, and to the right of, the reference desk.  Photocopies at the library are $0.25 per page.  Copy cards are available that reduce the cost per copy to $0.16 per copy; they are recommended when a patron makes a large number of copies.  $1.00 copy cards are available in the Copy Room.  While copy cards can be re-used from visit to visit, change cannot be given from copy cards. 

Library Tours
Tours of the Law Library are offered to groups or classes who have an interest in becoming familiar with the Law Library.  Group tours may be arranged by calling (702) 455-4696.  Tours may be arranged for any hours in which the Library is open.

Conference Rooms
Conference Rooms are available during hours when the Library is open and may be used for legal purposes such as depositions, mediations and client meetings.  Please call (702) 455-4696 to make a reservation.

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