Health Care Services

Health Care Services

The Health Care Services Division provides a spectrum of assessment and treatment services to the youth and families involved with the Department of Juvenile Justice Services. The following is a list of the services that we provide:

Mental Health Services:
  • Acute assessment, crisis intervention, and brief psychosupportive treatment for youth in Juvenile Detention.
  • Crisis intervention and therapy for youth at Spring Mountain Youth Camp.
  • Court ordered mental health and substance abuse evaluations to determine appropriate services.
  • Youth psychological and psychiatric evaluations in cooperation with a variety of community-based providers.
  • Coordination of Residential Treatment Center placements for youth that require a high level of care and services.
  • Substance abuse specific assessment and referral for first-time drug or alcohol offenders.
  • A short-term, evidenced-based counseling program for youth using alcohol and marijuana that incorporates both individual and group approaches.
Medical  Services:
  • Medical screening upon detainment.
  • Medication dispensation as ordered by providers.
  • Chronic care medical services.
  • Physician and Nurse Practitioner services when appropriate.
  • Coordination of care in community as needed.

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