Administration Division

Administration Division

Central Support Services
The Central Support Services covers operations for the Department such as personnel, property management, human resource management, financial planning, contract management, facilities management, proposal activities and other similar services. Subunits within Central Support Services include Warehouse Services and Victims’ Assistance Program. The Warehouse is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of central shipping and receiving, inventory control, and surplus management for the Department. The Victims’ Assistance Program (VAP) has the mission and purpose to provide remuneration to victims who suffer financial losses as a result of delinquent acts. VAP in conjunction with Central Support Services make monthly collections and disburse the restitution funds to victims of delinquency who have been identified.

Culinary Unit
The Culinary Unit is a standardized of food service operation within the Department of Juvenile Justice Services (DJJS). All food services provided by DJJS comply with the requirements of the Health District, Department of Health and any other applicable state, federal and local regulations governing food safety, consumption and/or sanitation as well as County policies and Department policies. The Culinary Unit services the juvenile detention center and Spring Mountain Youth Camp serving approximately 300+ meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner along with snacks throughout the day. Food services objectives include, but are not limited to, providing nutritionally adequate meals that are of appropriate quantity and quality; operations as efficient, effective and fiscally responsible; and to provide all youth assigned to food service with the opportunity through training and education to acquire skills and abilities that may assist in obtaining gainful employment.

The Records unit handles storage, both hard copy and electronic, of delinquency reports, records and documents. The unit is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of reports, arrest and delinquency history information. The unit handles the dissemination of information for the department, other agencies and the public. All dissemination of information comply with all department, county, state and federal laws and guidelines pertaining to confidentiality laws. Questions regarding juvenile records can be answered by calling (702) 455-5220. The Juvenile Records Unit is located at 4475 South Pecos Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121.

Help Desk
The Help Desk provides department level information and support to computer users. The purpose of a help desk is to troubleshoot problems or provide guidance at the department level without having to burden County Information and Technology to support end-users.

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