Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003

Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003

Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA)

The Department of Juvenile Justice Services is committed to a zero tolerance standard toward all forms of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct and sexual harassment of residents under the care and custody of DJJS. Any sexual behavior or act between staff, interns, volunteers or contractors and residents, regardless of perceived consent, is strictly prohibited and subject to administrative disciplinary sanctions, up to and including termination, and/or referral for criminal prosecution. All DJJS employees, contractors, interns or volunteers have an affirmative duty to report all allegations or knowledge of sexual abuse, sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct that occurs between DJJS employees, contractors, interns or volunteers and residents.

Persons who become aware of potential residential sexual harassment or abuse may report such information on behalf of residents to the PREA Coordinator at (702) 455-6400, or to the Department of Family Services at (702) 399-0081.

Every DJJS employee, contractor, intern or volunteer is required to complete PREA training annually. Please click on the link below to start the video training. Please note that Internet Explorer (IE) is recommended and Flash Player is needed. There is a short quiz after the training, please print your certificate once the course has been completed successfully and provide it to the Administration office in the Division where you provide services.

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