Moapa Valley

Moapa Valley

                                                                            JULY 8, 2024

The Moapa Valley
 Township Justice
Court is offering e-filing for all new civil cases as well as subsequent pleadings filed by an attorney. See eFile link in the navigation pane.

There is a Convenience Fee for e-filing associated with payments made via debit or credit card.



Local Rules for the Moapa Valley Justice Court Traffic Offenses

Gregor Mills (IMG_0971)_mod

The Justice Court of the Moapa Valley Township has one Justice of the Peace elected for a six-year term. Justice Court hears probable cause, arraignments, preliminary hearings, misdemeanor and traffic trials, bond forfeitures, evictions, small claims and civil matters where the amount in controversy does not exceed $15,000. Other duties performed by the Justice of the Peace include setting bail, issuing search warrants, summonses, protective orders and arrest warrants.

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