Please review our frequently asked questions for answers to common concerns before trying to contact the Court.

What is the physical address for the Court?

What is the mailing address for the Court?

I just want to pay my fine without appearing, what do I do?

What type of payment is acceptable?

How do I pay?

Who do I make the check/money order payable to?

If I was insured/registered/licensed at the time I was cited but did not have proof in the vehicle, what do I do?

Do I have to appear on the date listed on my citation?

How do I make a request of the court without appearing in person?

Even though Nevada doesn't issue repairable item citations, what do I do if I received a repairable item citation - i.e. no front plate, or a broken windshield or mirror?

What if I want to plead not guilty?

What if my address is incorrect on the citation?

How do I get to the Moapa Justice Court?

What are my plea options?

How do I seal a charge that has been decriminalized in the State of Nevada?

How do I seal a charge that has not been decriminalized in the State of Nevada?

Can I ask for Community Service instead of paying my traffic citation fine?

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