Remote Appearance

Remote Appearance

Request a Remote Appearance

Litigants and Attorneys may request the ability to appear remotely.  The motion to appear remotely must be submitted to the Court at least four Judicial Days prior to the hearing date.  The request will be reviewed, and notice of approval or denial will be provided to the applicant. 

Remote Appearance Request Form

Witness Requests
If the request to appear remotely is for witness testimony on a Preliminary Hearing, the witness must complete and sign the below "Witness Declaration For Preliminary-Hearing Testimony Through The Use of AudioVisual Technology" form. 

Witness Form

Submitting Requests

To submit a request please complete the above linked "Remote Appearance Request Form" and, if required Witness Form, and send via email a completed copy to

Notice of Approval or Denial

Notice of the status of the motion will be provided by email.  If approved, you will receive an invitation at the email supplied on the motion. The invitation will contain the details required to attend remotely.  Please refer any questions pertaining to your request to

Connecting to Remote Appearance

On the date and time of the hearing you will connect using one of the Courts preconfigured ZOOM meetings. A connection can be established via one of ZOOMs applications or via a web browser on a personal computer. Please refrain from attempting to join the hearing from a mobile device while using cellular service for your internet connection.

The links below will take you to the advertised meeting and you will be placed in a waiting room. Be aware, wait times may be long as all cases for that day are being heard. When your case is to be called, a Clerk will remove you from the waiting room and place you into the meeting room.

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