About Us

About Us

The Justice Court of Goodsprings Township is one of eight Outlying Justice Courts of Clark County.

The Justice Courts are established by the NRS 4.020 and it states "There must be one justice court in each of the townships of the State, for which there must be elected by the qualified electors of the township at least one justice of the peace."

Mission Statement
Outlying Justice Courts foster common law to serve as the people's courts. We are in pursuit of improvements to the service of justice that we provide for our communities. Taking into consideration the changing landscape of the Outlying Courts; we are committed to dispense justice, resolve disputes and preside over the courts' functions with ethical treatment of our constituents.

Justice of the Peace
Judge Larry Shupe has been elected
to office since November of 2018.

Outlying Justice Court Administration
330 S. Third St. #1020B
Las Vegas, NV 89155
Court Administrator: Karen Powell

Administrative Office of the Courts - Visit Website
The AOC, our governing agency, provides continuity and improvement in the state courts through:

  • Continuously examining the processes and effectiveness of the Judicial Branch.
  • Providing leadership in ensuring access to timely and cost effective justice in the State Courts.
  • Implementing policy goals set forth by the Supreme Court and aiding the Court in fulfilling its role as the leader of an independent and co-equal branch of government.

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