Please review our frequently asked questions for answers to common concerns before trying to contact the Court.

What is the physical address for the Court?

What is the mailing address for the Court?

What type of payment is acceptable?

How do I pay?

I have received a moving violation, what are my options?

If I was insured/registered/licensed at the time I was cited but did not have proof in the vehicle, what do I do?

What do the Violation Codes found on the back of the ticket/citation reference?

I live out of the State/County, what will happen if I do not appear?

What is the effect of forfeiture of bail?

How do I resolve a traffic bench warrant?

How do I know if I have a mandatory Court appearance?

What happens if you fail to appear?

What should I know for Juvenile Matters?

How do I seal a criminal charge or case in the State of Nevada?

Can I ask for Community Service instead of paying my traffic citation fine?

The Boulder Justice Court does not accept personal checks

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