Meet the CIO

Meet the CIO

Bob Leek -Information Technology_IMG_3551_small_MODBob Leek, Chief Information Officer

Bob Leek leads Clark County's Information Technology team of nearly 200 employees, driving innovation to efficiently deliver cost-effective, robust solutions that provide faster and better ways for employees to do their jobs and for resident of Clark County to access services.

Leek has an extensive background in managing large capital projects, developing strategic plans, and implementing systems. He has more than 30 years experience in information technology in both the private and public sectors, including time with Multnomah County, Ore., Kaiser Permanente and 

Under Leek's direction, County IT services include the assessment, development, implementation, and maintenance of technology-based business solutions to support County goals and objectives. The department also maintains a current and secure enterprise technology infrastructure that is required to protect County technology assets and to position the County's infrastructure for the future. In addition to providing day-to-day business and technical services, IT is also responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction for the technology infrastructure on which these services are based. Through a broadband initiative, the County is leading efforts to connect the “last mile” of fiber to homes and businesses in underserved areas.

“We live in an unprecedented time with our phones and devices serving as our connection to work and each other, and the County is focused on responding to this new demand to more fully-engage those we serve as they seek our assistance or conduct business with us," said Leek who also holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from Berry College. "In doing so, we can address the digital equity gap that so many experience daily and bring services to those who need it most through affordable, high-speed internet connectivity and solutions to help ensure that all our residents can participate in the growing digital economy.”  


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