Data for Purchase

Data for Purchase

Assessor's Parcel Data

The Assessor's Parcel Data set includes tabular and geospatial data that contains information about the real property parcels, such as parcel ownership and mailing address, property location, land use and valuation. You may place an order by calling our office at (702) 455-3855 or send email to The pricing is as follows:

per section (every 4th section free)
$2,500 for the entire county

GIS Data Subscriptions

Characteristics of private individuals and/or companies who may be interested in purchasing a GIS Data Subscription include:

  • those who do not qualify as a local government and, therefore, cannot become a GIS Interlocal Participant.
  • those users who have data requirements that cannot be met by through the Downloadable GIS Data Sets.
  • those performing a variety of analyses throughout Clark County where up-to-date property ownership and/or land use information is a priority and, therefore, the cost can be justified based on the benefit to their particular organization.

Those interested in annual subscriptions to the Southern Nevada GIS data warehouse will be required to submit a GIS Data Subscriber License Agreement and provide a memo authored on company letter head, and signed by a licensed user, stating that the Company/Agency understands that the data may not be resold, and is attained solely for the use of that Company/Agency, and a W-9. With these forms, and the annual fee of $7,500, subscribers will receive weekly updates to all the GIS data in the Clark County Central Repository data warehouse including Assessor's property ownership.  

If you are interested in obtaining a GIS Data Subscription, please call us at (702) 455-3855 or send email to and we will be happy to assist you.


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