Wildland Fires

Wildland Fires


Nevada's wildland fire season is May through October when vegetation is the driest. The following actions are recommended to prevent wildland fires:

  • Clear dead vegetation (trees, grass, leaves etc.) around your home to limit potential fire fuel.
  • Properly soak and dispose of cigarette butts, charcoal briquettes and any materials that can start fires.
  • Adhere to posted fire restrictions in National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Bureau of Land Management areas in Southern Nevada, including Red Rock, Mount Charleston and Lake Mead.
  • Use fireworks labeled with a "safe and sane" seal only from June 28 until July 4 when fireworks are legal under Clark County code. Legal fireworks include sparklers and fireworks that keep to a small, circular area on the ground and don't explode in the air. Illegal fireworks include firecrackers, roman candles, sky rockets – any item with highly combustible materials. No fireworks, including the safe and sane ones, are allowed on public lands.
  • Equip all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and similar vehicles with spark arrestors.
  • Remember that roofs constructed from fire resistant materials such as tile, metal or asphalt can significantly increase the survivability of your home, while wood shingle roofs are more burnable.
  • If you are warned that a wildland fire is threatening your area, listen to your battery-operated radio for reports and evacuation information. Follow the instructions of local officials.
  • For more information and wildfire prevention tips, visit

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