Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for conducting field inspections and plan review for new construction, tenant improvements, additions, other building modifications, and other operations as required by the International Fire Code, the Nevada Revised Statutes and the Clark County Code. Personnel conduct inspections and plan reviews to ensure compliance with the provisions of all adopted fire codes in order to safeguard the life, property, and public welfare of residents and visitors of Clark County. Types of construction and operational inspections conducted by Fire Prevention include but are not limited to:

Fire sprinkler systems

Fire alarm systems

Fire hydrants and associated piping

Monitoring systems

Fire apparatus access roads

Flammable & combustible liquids storage and use

Open flames

Pyrotechnic special effects material (fireworks)

Exhibit & trade shows

Repair garages

Tents & membrane structures

Spray booths

For a complete list please see sections 105.6 and 105.7 of the International Fire Code and the Clark County Amendments.

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