Asst Chief Sean Collins

Asst Chief Sean Collins

Sean_CollinsMODSean Collins was promoted to Assistant Chief of Emergency Medical Services in March 2024. In this role, he oversees the EMS Training Division and supports all other EMS operations.

A resident of Clark County and Southern Nevada since his youth, Chief Collins is a graduate of the Clark County School District; family, coaches, and mentors shaped his belief in the power of public service to build good lives and thriving communities.

Prior to his current role, Chief Collins served as the Emergency Medical Services Coordinator where he facilitated the development and implementation of the EMS Supervisor positions. As the EMS Coordinator, he was an intermediary with external agencies and part of the Special Events structure assuming leadership roles for the Electric Daisy Festival, Formula 1, and Super Bowl. He has held the rank of captain, fire engineer, and firefighter and maintains his paramedic license. During his career, Chief Collins taught three engineer academies and led the creation and oversight of a fire engineer promotional exam.

Chief Collins hold a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nevada, Reno, and Master of Public Administration in Public Policy from American Public University. A proud husband and father, he dedicates his time outside work to family and community.

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