Asst. Chief Carlito Rayos

Asst. Chief Carlito Rayos

Carlito Rayos_MODAssistant Fire Chief Carlito Rayos was appointed Feb. 18, 2023 and is responsible for the Fire Investigation Division. A graduate of Eldorado High School, Chief Rayos is a second-generation Las Vegas native with nearly two decades of service in public safety and policy at the local, state, tribal and federal level. Prior to this appointment, Rayos served as CCFD’s Hazardous Materials and Critical Infrastructure coordinator. Prior to joining CCFD, Rayos served as the Emergency Management Sergeant with the Moapa Tribal Police Department. Chief Rayos also previously was an officer with the Emergency Management and Homeland Security for the City of North Las Vegas where he assisted with fire investigations and represented North Las Vegas on the Southern Nevada Arson Group and Southern Nevada Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Additionally, Rayos served as a commissioned officer with the US Coast Guard and Army as a field-grade, branch-qualified military police and psychological operations officer as well as Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) certified boarding team leader and officer.  Rayos served three tours as a commanding officer deployed in operational or combat environments. Rayos served as the operations officer for the 92nd Civil Support Team-Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that was designed to be the first U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) assets on the ground in support of local authorities against WMDs.  Prior to his active and reserve military service, Rayos served as a criminal investigator for the City of Las Vegas and as a part-time officer for Boulder City Police Department. After his active military service, Rayos served as a reserve Las Vegas marshal, a CCFD Rural Division volunteer firefighter, and part-time firefighter/EMT for Mesquite Fire and Rescue.

Rayos holds certifications as a Hazmat Specialist, Firefighter II, Fire Instructor II, Fire Officer II, EMT, Fire and Explosives Investigator and Advanced NV Peace Officer. Rayos also holds advanced degrees in Public Management and Crisis and Emergency Management from UNLV where he now teaches in the Criminal Justice Graduate College.

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