General Permit for Gasoline Dispensing Operations

General Permit for Gasoline Dispensing Operations

Application for an ATO for gasoline dispensing General Permits: Gasoline Dispensing Operations

The Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability's Division of Air Quality (DAQ) has issued General Permits for gasoline dispensing operations (GDOs). Owners and/or operators of a GDO can apply for an Authority to Operate (ATO) under a General Permit for one of three source classes (review permits through links provided):

  • GP GDO-Category 0 – Gasoline dispensing with no vapor recovery control equipment (gasoline throughput from 693,000 to 1,199,999 gallons per year)
  • GP GDO-Category I – Gasoline dispensing with Phase I (Stage I) vapor recovery control equipment (maximum gasoline throughput up to 3,331,000 or 6,499,000 gallons per year)
  • GP GDO-Category II – Gasoline dispensing with Phase II (Stage II) vapor recovery control equipment (maximum gasoline throughput up to 4,755,000 or 11,900,000 gallons per year)

An application for an ATO for these General Permits can be completed using the link above. Applications must be printed and signed by the Responsible Official with an original ("wet") signature. An application filing fee must be included with the application submitted to the department; review and issuance fees will be charged after the application is processed and the ATO is ready for issuance. Application and fee can be hand-delivered or mailed to:

Department of Environment & Sustainability
Division of Air Quality
4701 W Russell Road
Suite 200 (2nd Floor)
Las Vegas, NV 89118

Invoices must be paid by check, money order, or credit card. Checks and money orders should be made payable to the Division of Air Quality, Air Quality or DAQ. When hand-delivering applications, credit card payments for filing fees must be made in person at the DAQ main office (address above).  Review and Issuance fees can be paid in person, mailed, or online here

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