Open Burning Forms

Open Burning Forms

Clark County air quality regulations prohibit the burning of any combustible material in an open fire, except in certain circumstances that require advance approval from the Department of Air Quality (DAQ). Below are two links, one to the county regulation on open burning and one to the Open Burning Application & Notification form.

DAQ can only approve applications under the circumstances described in the open burning rule. Applicants will also need a fire permit from the local fire department, which will require an approved DAQ Open Burning Application & Notification with a burn number.

The open-burn rule does provide for a few exceptions. The following do not require advance notice, approval, or a permit:

  • Small fires for recreational, educational, and ceremonial purposes.
  • Warmth of human beings, including barbecues, outdoor fireplaces, and fire pits.
  • Preparation of food on private barbecue pits, grills, or outdoor fireplaces.

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