Payment Information
Payments may be made online or by personal check, cashier's check or money order and made payable to Division of Air Quality, Air Quality or DAQ, or by VISA or MasterCard. Mail or hand-deliver payment to the above address, or pay with a credit card in person to:

Clark County Nevada Department of Environment and Sustainability (DES)
4701 W. Russell Road, Suite 200, Las Vegas, NV 89118

All checks and cashier's checks must be made payable to Division of Air Quality, Air Quality, or DAQ.  
Any checks made payable to any other name will be returned to sender.

ACH/eCheck Payments
Notice for Online Payments Using ACH or E-checks 
****This does not apply to Credit Card payments made online****

If you are paying via ACH or E-check, you will need to contact your bank in advance to determine whether your bank account has a debit block or filter. If your account has a debit block or filter, you will need to provide this information to your financial institution to avoid a $25 return fee and reprocessing any returned ACH or E-check payments:

Company Name: Clark County DES
Originator ID#: G886000028

Online Payments
The Department of Environment and Sustainability has partnered with a third-party service provider to provide you with convenient, online payment services via credit card. In order to use this service a convenience fee is included in addition to the invoice amount(s) owed to DES.

Please note: Cybersource, the service provider, will appear as the merchant of record next to your payment on your credit card statement. DES does not store your sensitive credit card information.

Air Quality invoice may be paid in full by clicking on the link below. You must have an invoice before using the on-line portal. If you have invoice questions (required for payment), please contact our office 702-455-5942 or email questions to

Fees and Conditions
I acknowledge that:

1) I am responsible for providing complete and accurate information.
2) I agree to the additional fee of 2.65% per transaction.
3) Payments made in error or duplicated will be refunded (allow 6-8 weeks).

A convenience fee of 2.65% of total fees will apply to each credit card payment. The convenience fee is collected by a third party vendor and will be represented on your credit card statement as a separate transaction.

Beginning September 1, 2022, CyberSource will begin passing along the following fees from the payment networks. If you attempt to retry a transaction after it was declined with certain responses, the appropriate payment network will apply a fee for each attempt. (VISA will charge $1.00 per retry attempt; Mastercard will charge $0.03 per retry attempt.

If you do not receive an email confirmation of payment transaction, please make sure the email was not caught by your junk mail or spam folder. To help ensure delivery, you may wish to add to your email contact list.

By selecting 'Make a Payment' below, you confirm your acknowledgement to proceed to the Cybersource payment process.

Make a Payment

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