Hearing Board, Hearing Officers & Notices

Hearing Board, Hearing Officers & Notices

Air Enforcement

Hearing Board 

The Air Pollution Control Hearing Board is comprised of seven private sector individuals appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. Hearing Board members must have a working knowledge of air quality issues, arbitration, law and/or engineering. Hearing Board meetings are publicly noticed in accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes. 
Profiles of the APC Hearing Board Members 


Hearing Officer

The Air Pollution Control Hearing Officer is contracted by the Department of Environment and Sustainability, Division of Air Quality and is a representative of the Air Pollution Control Hearing Board. The Hearing Officer considers cases and determines:
  • If a violation of the Air Quality Regulations exists.
  • The extent of penalties, if any. 
Profiles of the APC Hearing Officers
Holly Fic, Esq.

Hearing Officer Recruitment

The Clark County Department of Environment and Sustainability, Division of Air Quality (DAQ) is seeking an independent contractor to serve as an Air Pollution Control (APC) Hearing Officer.  Preference will be given to persons experienced in air pollution control, environmental management, engineering, law, arbitration, or dispute resolution.  Applicants must be residents of Nevada and shall not be employees of the State of Nevada or any other political subdivision of the state.  Compensation is $70.00 per hour for hearing and preparatory time only.  Hearing Officers are required to provide a W-9 form to the department prior to commencement of services.

Qualifications include a graduate of an accredited four-year college with at least five years of experience in public administration.  Duties include hearing cases of alleged violations of local air pollution control regulations.  Upon determining a violation, the officer may assess civil penalties or impose other remedies.  

Completed applications may be submitted electronically to or by mailing the application to: Department of Environment and Sustainability, Division of Air Quality, Attn: Sherrie Rogge, 4701 W. Russell Road, Suite 200, Las Vegas NV 89118.  All submitted applications become public record and available for public review.  Recommendations for selection will be presented to the Clark County Board of County Commissioners at a future meeting.

This is an open and continuous recruitment; scheduling dates will vary depending on when the application was received and reviewed.

Applications will only be accepted on the form provided.
Click here to apply

Enforcement Notices 

Notices on any variances from the regulations and exemption requests for low-pollinating olive trees are provided by the department so any citizen can comment or petition to intervene.

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