Voters with Disabilities

Voters with Disabilities

Last Revised October 26, 2022 

Registration Accommodations

If You Cannot Sign Your Name on Your Voter Registration Application
If you cannot sign your name because of a physical disability, you may: (1) use a signature stamp that meets the standards of the Office of Disability Services, per NRS 427A.755; or (2) register in-person at the Election Department; or (3) if you cannot appear in-person at the Election Department, the Election Department will send an official to you.

Voting Accommodations

Nevada's Effective Absentee System For Elections (EASE)
According to the Nevada Secretary of State's website, "Nevada’s Effective Absentee System for Elections, or EASE, is an online application that seamlessly integrates voter registration and electronic ballot delivery and marking. EASE is available to members of the United States Armed Forces, their spouses and dependents, Nevada voters who reside outside of the country, and Nevada residents with a disability. The system will be available for elections with a federal contest on the ballot 45 days before Election Day at  See the Nevada Secretary of State's website for more information.

Voting Sites

Voters with disabilities are accommodated inside of voting sites on election day and during early voting. All polling places are accessible to voters with disabilities.

  • Inside Polling Places
    If you are a voter with disabilities, you may request to have priority in voting. Election officials will take you to the front of the line for processing at the precinct table. You may then have first preference in voting on the priority voting machine designated for voters with disabilities.

  • Signing the Precinct Register
    If you cannot sign your name in the precinct register because of a physical disability, you may still vote. Election officials will identify you by asking you questions about personal data from your voter registration records.

  • Inside the Voting Machine Booth
    You have several options for casting your ballot inside the voting machine booth:

      Accommodations are designed to meet the varying types and degrees of assistance you may need:

      • A large magnifying sheet is available inside each voting booth to aid in reading the ballot.

      • Audio voting is available at all early voting sites and all Election Day polling places to permit voting in complete privacy without assistance from another person.

      • Another individual may assist you in casting your ballot, as long as you and your assistant meet the requirements described below.

      NRS 293.296 allows another person to assist you in voting inside the booth as long as:

      • The person assisting you is NOT:

        • Your employer or employer’s agent or

        • An officer or agent of your labor organization.

      • You require assistance in casting your vote because you:

        • Have a physical disability and/or

        • Have an inability to read or write English

      The height of the voting machine’s booth is adjustable for wheelchairs, enabling voting without assistance in complete privacy with physical ease.

Mail Ballots - If you cannot Sign your Name or Vote Without Assistance
If, because of a physical disability, you cannot sign your name, or are unable to mark or sign a ballot or use a voting device without assistance, you may still vote by mail if someone else assists you.  The assisting person may, on your behalf, mark and/or sign your mail ballot, but must specifically indicate next to your signature that he or she marked and/or signed the ballot on your behalf. 

Communication and Information

Nevada Relay Text Telephone for the Disabled (TTY or TDD)
Voters with hearing or speech impairments who have a TTY or TDD, may communicate with the Election Department by calling 711.

Large Print Sample Ballots
All sample ballots are printed in a 14-point font.

The Election Department’s web pages are generally user-friendly for people with disabilities. The web pages are accessible to those who may not be able to see, hear, move, or may not be able to process some types of information easily or at all, such as those who:

  • Have difficulty reading or comprehending text;

  • Do not have or are not able to use a keyboard or mouse;

  • Use a text-only display (Lynx), a small screen or slow connection; 

  • Are in a situation where their eyes or hands are busy or have interference;

  • Use an early version of a browser, a different browser entirely, a voice browser, or a different operating system.

The Election Department’s web pages contain text equivalents (also known as "alt tags") for non-text elements, such as images, graphical representations of text (including symbols), images used as list bullets, spacers, and graphical buttons. Text equivalents can readily be output to speech synthesizers and Braille displays. They can also be presented visually (in a variety of sizes) on computer displays and paper.

Additional Information

Contact Us
You may call the Election Department at (702) 455-2944 for more information on the accommodation of voters with disabilities and elderly voters. You may also contact the Election Department by mail (Registrar of Voters, Clark County Department, 965 Trade Drive, Suite A, North Las Vegas, NV 89030-7802) or e-mail.

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