Register to Vote If...

Register to Vote If...

Last Updated on July 29, 2021
Register to Vote If You...
  • Are not currently registered to vote in Clark County, NV, are qualified to register, and wish to vote.
    • Previous voter registration in another county will not permit you to vote in Clark County, NV.  Every time you move to a new County, you must re-register if you want to vote in that County.
  • Change your name.
    • To change your name in your voter registration records, you must submit a new paper Voter Registration Application. Login to Registered Voter Services and select Change My Name from the dropdown menu for a Voter Registration Application to be mailed to you. You may also complete and submit the Voter Registration Application in person at the Election Department. You may not change your name online because your updated handwritten signature will be needed.
      • You may also change your name through the same-day registration update process at any early voting site or Election Day vote center when you check in to vote.  You will be asked to sign a signature update form.
Other Changes to Existing Registration do not Require Re-Registration
For other than name changes, such as address, party, confidentiality, see our page on "Changing and Updating Registration."

If You Are Unsure About Your Registration
  • Login to Registered Voter Services to quickly see if you are currently registered in Clark County, NV, how your name and address are listed, and other registration information; or
  • Contact the Election Department by phone or e-mail.

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