Sample Ballots

Sample Ballots

Last Updated on May 13, 2021

Easier and Faster Voting

Voting will be EASIER for you and FASTER for everyone if you study, mark, and bring your sample ballot with you when you vote. Do not wait until you are in the voting booth to review the information. Sample ballots are now available in both electronic and paper form.

Go Green with Electronic Sample Ballots    

How to Submit a Request: You now have the option of receiving an electronic sample ballot by e-mail instead of a paper one by postal mail, but you MUST submit an online request. Log in to Registered Voter Services. Then, select Request My Sample Ballot Electronically (Go Green) from the Voter Services dropdown menu at the top of the page, enter your e-mail address, and click "Save." You will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail indicating that you will no longer receive paper sample ballots. If you do not receive the confirmation, check your spam or junk mail folder first before you contact us.
When to Submit a Request: You may submit your request at any time as there are no deadlines. However, the sooner you submit your request, the better, because you will only receive a paper sample ballot the first time if you submit your request before the close of standard registration. You need only submit the request once for it to apply to all future elections (until you change it in Registered Voter Services or your e-mail address becomes invalid).
"Inactive" Voters: If your registration is "inactive," a message will appear indicating you must update your address before requesting an electronic sample ballot. You may quickly update your address at the Secretary of State's website. See the section below titled "Inactive Voters do not Receive Sample Ballots" for more information.       

When to Expect Electronic Sample Ballot Materials: Voters who requested an electronic sample ballot before the close of standard registration will receive an e-mail with links to their electronic sample ballot materials after the close of registration. If the e-mail address you gave us is invalid, we will automatically mail you a paper sample ballot.

What Is Included in the Electronic Sample Ballot E-Mail: Your sample ballot e-mail itself will include your Election Day "Vote Centers" (take your pick of any one of them  anwhere in the County), precinct, and a scannable bar code. Early voting sites and Election Day Vote Centers use the bar code for faster and easier voter check-in. You may present a printed copy of the bar code if you wish to facilitate checking in.
Two links in your e-mail will allow you to access your sample ballot materials in printable PDF format. The PDFs will have the same information as a paper sample ballot (see the section below titled "What Your Paper Sample Ballot Contains"). One link will be for contests and ballot questions (if any). At that link, you may view a reproduction of your ballot, i.e., the contests and questions for which you are eligible to vote, in the order you will see them on your actual ballot. The other link will be for your sample ballot booklet which has information such as notices, voting instructions, the early voting schedule, and, in General Elections, details about ballot questions for which you are eligible to vote.

E-Mail Addresses Are CONFIDENTIAL: Nevada law requires your e-mail address to be kept CONFIDENTIAL. It may not be given to third parties. Additionally, the County Election Department, Secretary of State, and City Clerks may only use it for communication about the voting process and to distribute electronic sample ballots. For more information, see NRS 293.558(2),(4).

An Online Reproduction of Your Ballot Is Also Available (for All Voters)

Whether or not you receive a paper or electronic sample ballot, if you are currently registered to vote in Clark County, Nevada, you may view and print a reproduction of your ballot by logging in to Registered Voter Services and selecting View My Sample Ballot from the Voter Services dropdown menu. This differs from electronic sample ballots sent by e-mail in that no bar code for checking in at early voting sites or Election Day Vote centers and no PDF booklet will be provided. You may view the online reproduction of your ballot starting approximately around the close of standard registration.

When to Expect Your Paper Sample Ballot

Mass Mailing before Early Voting: All "active" registered voters eligible to vote in a specific election are mailed a paper sample ballot before early voting begins unless they had submitted an online request for an electronic sample ballot before the close of standard registration. Paper sample ballots are NON-FORWARDABLE.

"Inactive" Voters do not Receive Sample Ballots: You will not receive a paper sample ballot if, by the close of standard or extended registration, your status is "inactive" because: (a) You did not properly notify the Election Department of your new address if you moved; (b) You did not properly confirm your current address with the Election Department if you did not move and postal mail was returned as undeliverable; or (c) You did not properly respond to a forwardable Election Department notice asking you to verify your current address.

Note that you may still vote if you are "inactive," but only in accordance with the residential address the Election Department has in its records for you. You may check if your status is "inactive" by logging in to Registered Voter Services.

Your registration could eventually be cancelled if you do not keep your address updated with the Election Department.  The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) requires the Election Department to CANCEL your registration if your registration is "inactive" and you do not vote in two consecutive federal elections. You must then re-register to vote again.

Keep Your Address Current: Updating your address is easy. If you have a Nevada Driver's License or Nevada State Identity (ID) Card, you may update your address online at the Secretary of State's website before the close of extended registration. Or, you may log in to Registered Voter Services and select Change My Address from the Voter Services dropdown menu to complete, print, and sign a form to mail before the close of standard registration.

What Your Paper Sample Ballot Contains

Your Precinct, Bar Code for Checking-In, and Political Party: The back cover contains your precinct number, registration bar code, and, in federal/state Primary Elections, your political party affiliation. The scannable bar code facilitates quicker voter check-in at early voting sites and Election Day Vote Centers.

Early Voting Schedule: Your sample ballot contains the dates, times, and locations of early voting sites open during a 14-day period before Election Day. You may vote at any site you wish, no matter where you live in the County or what your precinct is.  Hours and days vary by site.

Election Day Vote Centers: Your sample ballot contains a listing of all of the Election Day Vote Center locations throughout the County. On Election Day between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., you may vote at any Vote Center of your choice, no matter where you live in the County or what your precinct is.

Listing of Mail Ballot Drop-Off Locations:  All early voting sites and Election Day Vote Centers are mail ballot drop-off locations.  In addition to those locations, your sample ballot will contain a listing of government offices that will serve as mail ballot drop-off locations with varying dates and times (normally the Clark County Election Department and City Clerks' offices).

Copy of Your Ballot for Marking Your Choices Before You Go to Vote: The contests applicable to your precinct (and your individual political party affiliation in federal/state Primary Elections) will appear in the order you will see them on your actual ballot. In General Elections, ballot questions for which you are eligible to vote will also be included. 

Detailed Ballot Question Information in General Elections Only: Each question will include a title, the full text, an explanation, and arguments for and against it.

Voting Instructions: Sample ballots will have simple voting instructions for Clark County’s voting systems


All sample ballot booklets (paper or PDF format) use a large 14-point font. Federal law requires all sample ballot materials to be available in English, Filipino (Tagalog), and Spanish.

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