Election Day Voting

Election Day Voting

Last Revised March 27, 2023
The Voting Process for Election Day and Early Voting Are Now the Same
All Clark County Election Day Vote Centers and early voting sites use touch-screen voting machines. These machines include a voter verifiable paper printout of each ballot that stays with the machine. These machines also provide English, Spanish, and Filipino/Tagalog ballots and instructions.  Note that early voting results will be not tabulated and will not be available until Election Day and only after the Secretary of State has indicated all statewide voting has ended, sometime after 7:00 p.m.
The overall voting process is simple:
  • Upon arriving at the site, your eligibility and signature will be verified before you are allowed to vote. Your check-in signature will be compared against the signature on file with the Election Department to confirm your identity.  The signature on file with Election Department is the one from your Voter Registration Application or the Nevada State DMV, depending upon how you registered to vote.  It is always a good idea to bring picture identification with you when you vote, though. The election clerk will announce your name (and political party in Primary Elections), as required by Nevada law.
  • If you did not opt-out of mail ballot voting and vote in person instead of by mail:
    • If you have your mail ballot with you, you must surrender it at the voting site; or
    • If you do not have your mail ballot with you, you must sign an affirmation that you are not voting twice in the same election.
  • Computers at each site connect to the Election Department’s centralized voter registration files. Your record will be updated at the time of voting, thus preventing anyone from voting twice.
  • After verifying your identity, the Clerk will give you a card to activate the voting machine.
  • You will proceed to an electronic touch-screen voting machine to vote. You must insert the card into the machine to activate it for your specific precinct (and political party in a Primary Election).
When you are finished, immediately return the activation card to an election official and receive an "I Voted" sticker.

Same-Day Registration and Updates of Existing Registration at all Early Voting Sites and Election Day Vote Centers
Same-day registration will also be available for eligible persons who are not currently registered to vote. They must have an unexpired Nevada Driver’s License,  an unexpired Nevada Identification Card, or an unexpired NV DMV Interim Document to register to vote, and may only vote a provisional ballot. Same-day updates of existing registration will also be available.

Election Day Vote Centers Have Replaced Assigned Polling Places
You may now vote on Election Day at any “Vote Centers” throughout Clark County. You no longer have to go to one specific “assigned” Election Day polling place. Instead, you may choose the most convenient Vote Center for you.

Election Day Vote Centers and early voting sites are the same in key respects:

  • You choose where to vote, regardless of your address or precinct.

  • All Vote Centers have an electronic poll book system that securely connects to the county registration database to access real-time voter records.

  • Election staff can process anyone registered to vote anywhere in Clark County.

Vote Center sites maximize convenience. You may find at least one Vote Center within a 2-mile radius of any location within the metropolitan area. Bunkerville, Indian Springs, Laughlin, Mesquite, Moapa, Moapa Valley, Sandy Valley, and Searchlight will also have Vote Centers. Addresses and maps are in your sample ballot.

How to Find Where to Vote on Election Day (Voting Is 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.) in State/Federal Elections
Choose an Election Day Vote Center that is most convenient for you, to vote between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Two options can help you do this: (1) In your sample ballot, use the Vote Center listing, and when available the foldout map; or (2) Online, use the interactive, mobile device enabled “Vote Center Locator” map tool at that will be available on voting days.
1. Use the Sample Ballot’s Foldout Map (When Available) and List of Election Day “Vote Center Locations” to Find the Most Convenient Site: Use the foldout map (when available) and list of “Vote Center Locations” together. On the map, Election Day Vote Centers are marked with a number. Select a Vote Center number of your choice. Then find the name and address of that Vote Center number on the list of “Vote Center Locations.” Or, you may first find the numbered Vote Center and its map coordinates (a letter and number together) on the list, and then locate that Vote Center number on the map.
  • Near Home: Find where your residence is on the foldout map. Select an Election Day Vote Center number that is closest to you. Then, find the name and address of that Vote Center on the list of “Vote Center Locations.”
  • Near Work: Use the map to trace your route to or from work in order to find a convenient location to stop and cast your ballot.
  • Near Where You Run Errands or a Lunch Spot: Use the map and list of “Vote Center Locations” to identify where you will be running errands or having lunch on Election Day. Then find a nearby Vote Center.
  • At or Near a Familiar Voting Site: If you wish to vote where you usually had done so in the past on Election Day or at any voting site that you are already familiar with, use the list of “Vote Center Locations” to see if it is currently an Election Day Vote Center. If not, select another nearby site.
2. Use the Online “Vote Center Locator” Map Tool ( On voting days (both for early voting and Election Day), our website will have a link to a user-friendly, interactive Vote Center map that is mobile device enabled. It will help you easily find nearby Vote Centers and view their approximate wait times. The “Locator” can find any Vote Center within a specific radius, including near your home, work, errand spots, lunch locations, or at or near familiar voting sites. Addresses and printable maps are also available at the link. 

Where to Find Early Voting Sites and Election Day Vote Centers for State/Federal Elections
A listing of early voting sites and Election Day Vote Centers for the current election will be on the Election Department's website, in your sample ballot, in newspapers, and in brochures distributed to community groups. A Voting Site Locator Tool will also be available on the Election Department's website.

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