Personal Property

Personal Property

Personal Property

The coroner's office is responsible for property that is either on the decedent's person or under their immediate control. Property on the decedent may or may not be removed at the location of their death and is at the discretion of the Coroner Investigator. Whenever property is removed from the decedent, each item is inventoried and recorded on a property receipt with a witness co-signing the receipt. Property is then either released to the next-of-kin at the time of removal or brought in and secured at the coroner's office. 

Property is released by appointment only. Please call 702-455-3210 to schedule an appointment to obtain personal effects. 

Clark County Public Administrator

In the event that the next-of-kin is not immediately available to secure the decedent's residence and/or personal possessions, the Public Administrator may be needed to secure the residence and the contents therein. This is done to protect the interest of the decedent and the next-of-kin. If the next-of-kin is available to take possession of the decedent's residence and its contents, there is no need for the involvement of the Public Administrator. The Public Administrator does charge a fee for their services. It is advised you contact them at 702-455-4332 for an appointment prior to arriving.

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