Constable Mesquite Township

Constable Mesquite Township

Mission Statement
The Mesquite Constable's Office is dedicated to serving the public in a
professional and polite manner. We strive to provide accurate and timely
service to everyone.

Constable Duane L. Thurston has lived in Mesquite since 1987.  He is dedicated to serving the citizens here and welcomes new opportunities for such.  Outside of the constable's office, he is an established business owner and serves as an instructor for "Radkids."  Radkids is an awareness program dedicated to empowering and educating elementary-age children about, physical safety and awareness against abuse. His history as constable speaks for itself, Duane has been constable since 1994. With his friendly and helpful ethics, the citizens of Virgin Valley have seen and benefited from his service.  The Mesquite Constable's Office appreciates your business and looks forward to serving you in the future!


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