About Us

About Us

The Constable's Office works in conjunction with the Justice and District Courts.  His services to the community are  strictly on a civil level.  He provides services for tenant notices, evictions, garnishments, all civil court summons and subpoenas. The Constable acts in the capacity of a PROCESS SERVER.  The Mesquite Constable's office and staff, which consists of only one secretary, is funded by Clark County.  However, the Constable's compensation is generated by the fees collected for services performed.

The Mesquite Constable's jurisdiction consists of the city limits of Mesquite.  However, he does have authority as such in all of Clark County.  The city of Mesquite was incorporated in 1984 and is currently populated by over 21,000 residents.  Our city encompasses an area of approximately 32 square miles.  Mesquite was first established as a farming community in the mid 1800's by settlers belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  It has since evolved into a resort, retirement and family oriented community.

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