Fairshare Program

Fairshare Program

The Henderson Township Constable’s “Fair Share” program is aimed at ensuring residents within its jurisdiction register their vehicles as required by state law. New residents are required to obtain their driver’s license within 30 days and register their vehicle with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) at the same time. To register your vehicle, you must provide proof of insurance from a Nevada-licensed carrier at the time of registration.

The 2009 State Legislature approved changes to state law, Nevada Revised Statute 482.385, allowing constables to issue citations for vehicle registration violations. The Legislature also increased penalties for violations.

Penalties include:   

  • A hearing before a judge.
  • A fine of up to $1,000 dollars per vehicle.
  • The judge may reduce the fine to $200 if violators provide proof of registration at the time of their hearings.
  • A bench warrant for arrest of the vehicle owner if the citation and fee are not paid by the specified deadline.
  • A $100 fee payable to the Constable. 

If cited for failure to register a vehicle, you are required to pay your outstanding fee to the Constable before registering with the Department of Motor Vehicles per NRS 482.230.

Jurisdiction: Henderson Township Constable’s jurisdiction includes the city of Henderson.

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