About Us

About Us

Nevada constable offices are among the oldest law enforcement agencies in the state, established in the 1850s while Nevada was still a territory. The Henderson Constable's Office was established in 1944, and Kenny Taylor was elected to the office in 2018.

The Henderson Constable's Office is a law enforcement agency responsible for the service of civil process. It oversees a 230-square-mile area, serving a population base of nearly 300,000 citizens. The agency is supported by an experienced office staff and employs 4 full-time deputies to serve papers and conduct evictions. The constable, deputy staff, and office personnel are paid through revenue that is collected for services performed. Fees for all services, evictions, and functions of the office are set by state statute.

The responsibilities of the agency include the support and execution of documents, orders, and evictions that are issued out of the Henderson Justice Court and other courts. A significant portion of the agency's activities involve educating and assisting landlords and tenants in the process of eviction, notices, and other related issues. The agency also educates local law enforcement, property management groups, and other organizations on issues involving landlords and tenants, civil process, and other areas of the agency's operation. 

The Constable's Office interfaces with a variety of governmental and civic organizations in an effort to obtain services and housing for individuals who may be indigent, displaced from their homes, handicapped, or elderly.

Duties and Powers of The Constable or His Deputies  

Per NRS 258.070, each constable shall:

  • Be a peace officer in his township.
  • Serve all mesne and final process issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.
  • Execute the process, writs, or warrants that he is authorized to by the Nevada Revised Statutes.
  • Discharge such other duties as are or may be prescribed by law.

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