Summerlin South

Summerlin South

Summerlin South consists of approximately 7,099 acres and is located on the western edge of the Las Vegas Valley generally bounded by Charleston Boulevard on the north, Russell Road on the south, Hualapai Way on the east, and the Red Rock National Conservation Area on the west.

The Summerlin South Land Use and Development Guide was approved by the Clark County Commission on June 21, 1995 and updated on June 22, 2005.  Individual village plans provide details on specific land uses, traffic circulation, and locations of schools, fire stations, parks and libraries. Proposed development includes the following land use categories:

    Residential - 4,234 acres
    Commercial/Retail - 393 acres
    Mixed Use - 332 acres
    Employment - 540 acres
    Open Space (includes golf courses) - 1,070 acres
    Right-of-Way - 1,070 acres

The project is limited to a maximum of 32,600 residential dwelling units, three separate hotel/casino sites, and up to 90 holes of golf.  The proposed general locations of the hotel/casino sites are Charleston Boulevard and I-215, Town Center Drive and Flamingo Road, and Tropicana Avenue and Town Center Drive.

The Development Agreement was approved by the County Commission on February 7, 1996 for a period of thirty years and was amended on June 8, 2005. The Agreement stipulates provision of certain public facilities, infrastructure improvement and impact mitigation including:

    Construction and dedication of a fire station
    Dedication of land for a second fire station
    Five acres for a satellite government center
    Twenty acres for a planned community sports park
    Right-of-way dedication and excavation for that portion of the Western Beltway located within the project

In addition, Summerlin is constructing neighborhood parks which exceed the minimum County requirements of two acres of park for every 1,000 residents and are receiving credit towards the Residential Construction Tax.

Village 14A and 14B are mostly complete with some remaining commercial along the Beltway. Most of the infrastructure for Village 13 East and Village 18 has been constructed.  Village 13 West, Village 15A, Village 18 south of the R4 Channel, Village 19, and Village 16 are in the planning, design and development stages.  Village 13 West plans include a unique high intensity residential and commercial district including an oval and linear park along Pavilion Center Drive and a large mall and casino site along the Beltway.

As of November 18, 2008, the County had issued building permits for 8,811 single family residential and 1,454 apartment and condominium units for this project.

Summerlin South Code Requirements

The Summerlin South development is required to meet certain Development Codes: Title 26 Chapter 19.05, Portions of Title 28 & Portions of Title 29
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