Southern Highlands

Southern Highlands

Southern Highlands is situated in the southern portion of the Las Vegas Valley and encompasses approximately 2,299 acres.  It is generally bounded by Interstate 15 on the east, Cactus on the north, Jones on the west, and Larson on the south.

The approved Land Use Plan allows the following land use categories:

  •     Residential (single family) - 1,549 acres
  •     Residential (medium) - 128 acres
  •     Golf Course - 230 acres
  •     Community Commercial - 43 acres
  •     Regional Commercial - 450 acres
  •     Public Facilities (parks 20-40 acres) - 129 acres

The Development Agreement and zone change were approved by the Clark County Commission on November 18, 1998 and amended on December 8, 1999.  Southern Highlands is limited to one private golf course, a maximum of 8,500 residential units and 493 acres of non-residential private uses.  There is also a potential hotel/casino site subject to future approvals.

The Development Agreement stipulates provisions for certain public facilities in addition to other infrastructure improvements and impact mitigation including:

  •     Construction and dedication of a fire station
  •     Contribution for a fire engine and rescue unit
  •     Contribution of $600,000 towards a future Metro substation
  •     Street improvements and utilities for two (2) 12 acre elementary school sites
  •     Development of seven (7) public neighborhood parks totaling approximately 40 acres
  •     Traffic mitigation fee

This project also includes a realignment and name change for Decatur Boulevard to Southern Highlands Parkway extending from the present Decatur/Cactus intersection directly to the Lake Mead/I-15 interchange.

The elementary school at Broken Top and Starr Hills is under construction and scheduled to open Fall 2003.  Also under construction is the fire station which will provide emergency services for the community.  Goett Family Park, located at Southern Highlands and Starr Hills, is complete along with the Paseo linear park between Southern Highlands Parkway and Valley View.  Another park located at the southwest corner of Somerset Hills and Valeneta Hills is under construction.  Commercial building activity has commenced with approval of a commercial center and anchor grocery store.

As of December 31, 2002, the County had issued building permits for 3,571 single family residential and 340 apartment units for this project.

Southern Highlands Code Requirements

Major Project developments approved prior to April 2000 are required to meet the development code requirements established in Clark County Code, Title 26, along with related sections in Titles 9, 22, 27, 28 and 29.  The project approval date dictates which code and amended sections of that code apply.
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