Rhodes Ranch

Rhodes Ranch

Rhodes Ranch is situated in the southwestern portion of the Las Vegas Valley and encompasses 1,451 acres. It is generally bounded by Sunset Road and the Southern Beltway on the north, Durango Drive on the east, Pebble Road to the south, and Fort Apache Drive on the west.

The Rhodes Ranch Specific Plan was originally approved by the Clark County Board of County Commissioners (County Commission) on October 16, 1996 and amended on November 22, 2006.  The Specific Plan and associated zone changes allow the following land use categories:

  • Residential (including one golf course) – 81.5%
  • Mixed Use (multi-family & limited commercial) – 8.2%
  • Limited Resort - 4.7%
  • Community Shopping - 2.7%
  • Public Facilities - 2.9%

The Rhodes Ranch Development Agreement (second amendment) was approved by the County Commission on July 16, 2008 and extends through July 30, 2028.  The amended Development Agreement limits the residential unit cap to 12,621 which does not include the 1,000 residential units approved for the hotel/casino site.  The amended agreement also requires provisions for certain public facilities in addition to other infrastructure improvements and mitigation including:

  • A maximum 55 acres of Qualified Park Land to be developed by Owner;
  • Preparation of site specific traffic studies and completion of required on and off-site improvements;
  • Payment of mitigation fees for fire and emergency medical services and police services; and
  • A separate development agreement to mitigate the impacts resulting from the additional 1,000 units approved for the hotel/casino site.
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  • Original Approvals
    document seq 10.00
  • Land Use Plan
    document seq 20.00
  • Development Agreement
    document seq 30.00
  • Locked-In Development Code
    document seq 40.00
  • Locked-In Development Code Supplement
    document seq 50.00
  • Modified Development Standards
    document seq 60.00

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