Coyote Springs

Coyote Springs

The Coyote Springs project contains approximately 42,800 acres located about 50 miles north of Las Vegas.  It is bordered by the Delamar Mountains to the north, the Meadow Valley Mountains to the east, State Route 168 to the south, and U.S. 93 to the west.  Access to Coyote Springs from Las Vegas is via I-15 to U.S. 93 or S.R. 168.

The Specific Plan addresses the portion of land located within Clark County, which is approximately 13,100 acres.  The proposed project consists of a series of villages specific to the planning area featuring a mix of uses with a range of unit types, lot sizes and densities, and amenities including golf courses, clubhouse facilities, parks, hotel and casino, and open space network linking different areas of the community.

The Master Plan encourages the effective use of natural topography, open space, and other natural and existing features and has a set of design guidelines intended to act a a guide for construction and development of the planning areas as a whole.

The development of the community is projected to be over a forty-year cycle. The developer envisions maintaining the rural character of the site by developing a series of villages with varying densities surrounded by open space and recreational opportunities.  The latter phases focus on creating a self-reliant planned community with a full array of facilities and amenities.

Coyote Springs Code Requirements

A version of the Title 30 Development Code was “locked-in” for the Coyote Springs Master Planned Community on January 1, 2003, and modified on July 3, 2006, October 31, 2006, June 30, 2006, and April 16, 2008.  This version of the code only applies to projects within the Coyote Springs Major Projects development.
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