Major Projects

Major Projects

Comprehensive Planning reviews master-planned communities within unincorporated Clark County (of 300 acres or more).  Proposed projects go through an intensive public review process and input is received from the community and interested agencies.  Developers must submit a public facility needs assessment to address impacts the development may have to infrastructure and services such as roads, parks, schools and public safety.  Ultimately a negotiated development agreement is adopted which addresses mitigation to those potential impacts. For this form, see the Rise Report form.

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Current Major Projects and Code Requirements

Major Project developments approved prior to April 2000 were required to meet the development code requirements established in Clark County Code, Title 26, along with related sections in Titles 19, 22, 27, 28 and 29.  Since that time, Major Project developments have been subject to the various code requirements of Title 30 that applied at the time of approval.

The project approval date dictates which code and amended sections of that code apply:      

    Title 26 Land Development Regulations (codified version) - January 1999      
    Title 27 Development Improvement Standards (codified version) - July 1998      
    Title 28 Subdivisions (codified version) - July 1998
    Title 29R Zoning Ordinance

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