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Contact Us


Mailing Address:
Clark County Comprehensive Planning
500 S Grand Central Parkway, Box 551741
Las Vegas NV 89155-1741


(702) 455-3271

   Automated Phone System Options
     1-1  Web Address, Hours of Operation, Location
     2-1  Planner, Zoning Regulations (Title 30), Setbacks, and Allowable Uses
     2-2  Agendas, Final Action, Staff Recommendations, Zoning Letters
     2-3  Zoning Signoff for Business License Applications
     2-4  Department Records
     2-9  Department Operator
     3-1  Zoning Planscheck
     3-2  Addressing (New Address Assignments or Address Change)
     4-1  Master Plan, Land Use Plan Amendments, and Demographics
     4-2  Parks, Trails, and Open Space
     4-3  Federal Lands

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