Building Fees & Calculator
The fee calculations on this page should be utilized as ESTIMATES ONLY and may not reflect the exact fees assessed on projects submitted for review. All final fees will be calculated by Clark County staff. Other applicable development fees not represent on this page will be calculated and assessed at the time of permit issuance. Plan review fee will be required upon submittal of any building application that are submitted with the exemption of any over the counter submissions.

Other applicable development impact fees, which may apply, are NOT represented in the fee calculator link above. These fees will be calculated and assessed at time of fee work up and are required to be collected prior to building permit issuance by ordinance, NRS, and/or the Clark County Muni Code but are not Building Departments fees. Below is some general information on these fees:

Fire Fees
See section 106.6 of the 2018 Clark County Fire Code Amendments

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