Change of Contractor

Change of Contractor

Change of Contractor request on “Issued” permits

A Citizen Access Portal account is REQUIRED to access/pay for the re-issuance of permits.

To request a change of contractor, email the following:
  • Change of Contractor Letter (See Sample Letters) from one of the following:
    • General/Sub-contractor of record to cancel themselves off the permit
    • General contractor replacing a sub-contractor
    • Property owner (most be notarized) replacing general and/or sub-contractors
  • Complete appropriate application form(s)
    •  Examples:
      • Building permit – use a Building permit application form
      • Electrical, mechanical, or plumbing permit – use Sub-permit application form
      • Fence permit – use Fence application form, etc.

All change of contractor requests will be reviewed, and further instructions will be coordinated through email.

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